Starting fitz vs Murray

Who would you start

Fitzpatrick against NYG away game in the cold weather

Murray against Cleveland home game in the dome


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With Parker possibly out for Fitz, I’d start Murray

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My model projects Fitz to be the QB5 and Murray to be the QB9 this week. I would really prefer to play Fitzmagic versus that Giants secondary, but as @LaFoot said, if Parker is out I think I’d go with Murray. Fitz is projected to be the QB6 next week compared with QB13 for Murray, so I definitely wouldn’t drop Fitz. That way you can also wait to see if Parker is back and make a decision when it’s confirmed.

My QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Ya with Parker our and the cold weather as well for factors may be safe with Murray, and pray the o line figures out how to throw a body at player s coming for the Qb

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