Starting in my first keeper league next season!

My league has decided to change to a keeper league next season. None one in our league has been in one before. What are some tips that you guys can give that I should know before starting so I can hit the ground running and dominate, maybe things like players to target or positions to target. I believe will be a 3 keeper league. With keeping the player only for 3 seasons.

Sweet! Keeper leagues are fun.

Whether you are the commish of the league or not - make sure your keeper rules are well established in your bylaws. Nothing worse than hitting year two, ready to pick keepers and people think it works differently than your or the commish’s expectations. In those cases, the only thing to fall back on is the written rules.

Having said that, do you know if your keepers are going to be kept at a round penalty? Or are the three keepers essentially your first three picks? Do you have to keep 3 players? Are draft positions announced before or after keeper selections?

Those are the questions I start with to form a strategy.

When it comes time to actually select the keeper I have a few self imposed rules:

  1. Never keep a QB in a single QB league.
  2. Only keep players when required if the value is greater than ADP.
  3. RB over WR as a tiebreaker.
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Thanks! I’m looking forward to starting this keeper league. As far as the round penalty goes. I don’t think we have settled on anything yet. Some people don’t want it but majority do so I believe we are leaning that way. We are currently going over our rules now so we have everything in place to start. A lot of little things like announcing draft position before or after keepers are picked are things I don’t think Any of us even thought about.