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Hey everyone, I’m the commish in my family league and this coming year I’m adding a 1 keeper spot. What is the best way to have the keeper eligible? We have decided that you have to draft the player this coming year for him to be a keeper the year after. But do you keep him at the round you took him or they’re ADP? What has worked the best for you guys? Thanks

Modifying a redraft league to a keeper league is always an interesting endeavor. In my experience the way to determine your keeper rules is to define what you like about your redraft ‘draft’ now.

For example, if you allow a player to be kept with no round penalty than essentially you’ve negated the first round of a normal redraft ‘draft’. I keep Zeke. Eleven others keep 1st round potential players and the draft continues on as if the second round just started. However if you introduce a round penalty for the keeper - there are several outcomes.

Some of the most common:

Keep a player for their draft round -1

  • I fyou chose a player in the tenth round last year, you can keep that player for a ninth this year.
  • typcailly if you drafted a player in the first round, they cannot be kept. 1-1 = 0!
  • this can be extended by either keeping that player year over year with the penaly applie each year, 10 - 1 - 1 - 1… or by allowing a player to be kept on a limited basis (1-2 years max)

Keep a player for their current ADP

  • must choose a common ADP source and a date to use the ADP as this information fluctuates. Dalvin Cook straddled the first and second round last year - could be the difference between keeping a player or not
    -this method is meant to achieve the same end result as above by putting a limit on the number of years you can keep a player. Mahomes may have been a fifteenth rounder last year. Maybe his ADP is in the first or second the next.
  • there is less strategy and/or fun of having a keeper for this methodology in my opinion.

Finally, have the rules well defined ahead of time. I like that you are planning the keeper for the 2020 season.

Here are a couple resources:

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Thanks for the advice and the links. Been looking forward adding a keeper for a while. This will help a lot deciding how to implement it so everyone will enjoy and understand it.