Starting New Dynasty League - advice


I’m starting a new Dynasty League on Sleeper and trying to make it unique.

3x Flex (RB, WR, TE)
1x Rookie Flex (RB, WR,TE)
8 Bench
2 Taxi (rookie only)
2 IR

Extra Flex so people can do whatever they want with their roster. Gives more flexibility when the injury bug hits, etc.

I’m still working on Roster Limits (no more than XX QBs, RBs, etc).

It is going to be a $50 Buy-in and some of the money is going to go to the Record Books for each position and yearly MVPs at each position. This way there can be more payouts to help keep teams who might not make the playoffs interested.

Do I need more bench spots?
Is there any inherent advantages or disadvantages for doing extra flex instead of mandatory positions?

Thanks for any advice/input

How many teams? I prefer not to have roster limits unless they are required. In a 16 team there may be a reason to implement. Whereas in a 10 team, not so much.

Obviously you can build a league how you want but from a participant perpextie there is some confusion in the messaging. You stated “do whatever they want with their roster” but at the same time there is a requirement to have a starting rookie flex. This statement and the roster settings are in direct opposition.

Total roster in a dynasty league should be 2.5-3 times the starting lineup. The buffer dictates how populated you want the waiver to be with starting calibre players.

I have found that having mandatory position will drive and dictate trading. I played in a league which was 2 QB and 8 Flex. Since you were never trying to fill a starting RB or TE whole, there was less reason to accept or offer a trade. Personally I’d suggest two starting RB/WR. And depending on number of teams, one or two starting TE. Then support starting depth with three or four flex positions.


Interesting, thank you.
12 team league… was typing late with vision issues so didn’t proof before hitting submit.

Most of my experience is from leagues that don’t do much trading (old guys set in their ways in a 20+ year old league who only trade if they are getting a great deal)
So I did not think about the fact that required positions would actually make trading more appealing.

Appreciate your response… I need to think this one over.

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