Starting New Dynasty SF League

12-Team; Superflex (Q;R;R;W;W;[W];F;F;SF); Slow draft on Sleeper; FAAB; Full or Half PPR (subject to vote); Annual league dues on Leaguesafe; buy-in $50-$100 (subject to vote) w. 150% due prior to draft.

Other details subject to league vote also.

Let me know if you’re interested. Looking to start draft over the weekend.


Id be interested. Sleeper: TannerStoel

Hey! I’m interested as well. Sleeper ID: CharlesO

I’d be interested. Sleeper: blueworld

Interested. Sleeper: macchima

I’m interested, sleeper ID: evanjean13

Interested. Sleeper id is dflores91

Interested - Sleeper ID Eirejet


sleeper: searing

8 Invites sent thus far.

I’m interested if there’s still room!

Sleeper ID: grahamb

Interested if there’s room - Sleeper ID: warrenja131

I’m in! Sleeper : Headlessnorseman

Any room in this league?

[quote=“chris1171699, post:14, topic:213299”]
[/quote] sleeper username is
Soccerfoul26 if you need another player

Probably full but jks1624 if not

Hi - I’m interested if there is still space. Sleeper ID is JFresh29.

Do you still have room? If so I’m interested invite Bobbywoods

I’m interested- Titansforever27

I’m interested if still available