Starting QB Struggles!

I have been starting Drew Brees the past 2 weeks and watched Tannehill kill it on my Bench, so I’m struggling with who to start this week. Currently have Tannehill starting now but have a feeling Brees is going to have a big game against Rodgers on a Sunday Night Football clash !!! Help please lol!!!

I would stick with Tannehill.

He has been excellent since taking over the starting job amd that is without A.J. Brown! Tannehill plays the abyssmal Min Defense next week. They have been destroyed by everyone so far.

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Tannehill. Brees will let you down. Without M Thomas he is average at best at this point in his career. Tannehill has looked great this season and last and should have AJ Brown back soon.

Hate to say it but Brees was the better Fantasy player this week , never fails for me hahaha make the swap and bam bench guy does better !!!

I feel your pain.

Woods had 16 points on the bench for me while Dionte Johnson got me a big fat 0. Would have won this week, if I started Bobby Trees.

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