Starting RBs

Who do you guys think I should start between
Hyde, Murray or Duke Johnson?
Hunt is my #1 lock, so I’ve got a flex and #2 spot open… I’m thinking Demarco but Hyde or Johnson? Hyde is giving me the nerves!
WRs are fuller, funchess, and Jeffrey with Bryant on Bye… I don’t have a lot of WR depth it feels like

trade demarco for a high end wr and a rb

Yeah I had an offer to acquire Deshaun Watson and brate or Rudolph for Murray, but that’s not a bad idea at all, hadn’t really thought of adding anyone at WR… I’ve just been playing Jeffrey Bryant and crowder/fuller the last 6 for a 2-3 record… until acquiring funchess in waivers

yeah man you gotta do something about that wr situation. I bet you could get high value off of demarcos name

It’s so hard to let go especially when he’s listed as a potential breakout coming off last week

I don’t think hes gonna have a breakout game but just throw some offers out for high end wrs and see what people are thinking

Murray for Tyreek Hill sounds good

nah i wouldnt do that one

New to the fantasy thing

Dont worry, it can be difficult to pick up at first. You came to the right place

Already learning a ton hahaha

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