Starting the QB for your opponents WR(s)

I’m in kind of a gross situation in my dynasty league. My QB is Goff and my opponent has not one, but two of his WRs, in Cooks and Kupp…

My other QBs are Baker and the righteous Gardner Minshew. But baker has been playing like trash, so I’m not super excited to play him. Minshew would obviously be a glory play as he is a folk legend. But I feel like goff has the best chance to score me the most points, that being said, is his upside irrelevant because my opponent is starting two of his top targets?

Bumpitty, bump, bump, bump bump!

You can look at it one of 2 ways:

  1. Your upside is capped and if Goff has a good day odds are Kupp and Cooks do too.

  2. You are able to kind of “cancel” out two of his players since any points they get you will get a piece of those points as well.

Baker might have a good week though. He had a good week last week and I’m not sold on the 49ers. I think they have played a weak schedule so far that has made their defense look better than it is.