Starting to think playoffs?

Im 7-1 and in a standard league, is it to earley to start thinking playoffs and if not who should i try add to my team for the playoffs games? As in what nfl teams will be pushing to reach the playoffs so you want there players compared to teams like the rams who might rest there players before the playoffs to win the super bowl?

I don’t tend to put too much stock into that this early but there can be some things worth doing depending on who you have etc. What’s you current team? DST situation as well presently and on the wire is a good one to start planning slightly ahead but still maybe too early

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QB Big Ben
RB Barkley (bye this week)
RB Mixon (bye)
WR K.Allen
WR M.Evans
TE Z.Ertz
Flex usually T Boyd (bye)
K D.Bailey
Defence I usually stream each week

RB A Jones
RB P.lindsay
RB Ekler
WR J.Brown
WR C.sutton
And K Rudolph (just because hertz is on bye this week)

Any advice and help is most welcome

You have a good roster and a lot of the guys will likely be in the mix all season, even the guys on bad teams like the Denver rookies, Barkley will play all year because they’re rookies so you’re fine. DST stream is pretty good for the stretch, Lions and Broncos are ones to look out for if they become available weeks 13 on you can alternate and get great matchups including back to back Oakland in the playoffs which is almost as good as it gets.

Evans is the guy i’d like to change to a better WR1, hopefully he plays this week and has another big game with Fitz and if he does i’d be shopping him maybe with another WR you have enough depth for an upgrade there. Otherwise i think you are well set though nice team

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