Starting up a Dynasty League @ Work

So my fellow co-commissioner and myself are thinking we’d like to convert our workplace redraft league into a dynasty league. We’ve polled the league and they’re generally in support of it and we’ve got a few people on the outside that we know would want to get in.

Here’s the thing though - workplaces are inherently intransigent. We’re gonna’ probably end up with one or two teams changing hands every year. So how do we go about balancing this with the inherently long-term nature of a dynasty league?

We’re gonna’ get a big, glitzy trophy that’ll sit on the winner’s desk for a year so we’re confident we can keep a waiting list going but what’s to stop a player from crashing his/her team?

We though that offering a buy-in refund for a team left in good condition might be enough (plus other incentives: division winner, consolation bracket winner, etc). However, if the team is left in bad condition we would offer a discounted/free buy-in for the player who inherits the team.

Would this be enough? What else should we consider?


Why not a keeper league? Seems like the potential downsides would be less detrimental. I do think your buy in and refund strategies are interesting and clever.