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Starts for running backs


I’m debating if I should keep Christian McCaffrey instead of Chris Thompson . Should I switch or keep??


Is this about grabbing one of them or do you have them both and not enough spots? I like CMC this week and Thompson is gonna do well. Why can’t you okay both with one in. The flex? I hope it’s because you have better in a flex. Lol


Yes I have both, I need to fill in my flex


CMC is gonna eat this week in my opinion. They said it on the show yesterday, CMC was getting 8 targets a game when Olsen is out. Add that in with the fact that Atlanta lost Jones & Neal on defense. You should be confident starting McCaffrey this week… I do like Chris Thompson this week too for what it’s worth. I just think CMC could finish as a top 5 back this week.


Thanks for the info​:+1:t3::+1:t3:


you cant sit CMC as he has the potential to be one of the top RB any given day


Agreed, I even had to change my pickem option after they put D Jones on IR. I think they will be able to move the ball and CMC will get the action.


I’ll roll with it!