Starts of the week? Can’t find them

Can anyone link me this weeks starts of the week lol I can’t find the article anywhere!

Not sure how to “link” things from the site, but…just checked and didn’t see any articles for STARTS OF THE WEEK. But…if you go to their site and look at the recent video’s, there’s their STARTS OF THE WEEK/ OCT 25. (Shows the pic of Diggs)

Sorry, I know that’s prob not what you’re looking for. But maybe that helps a little.

Usually they include it somewhere summarized in an article

Yeah…and they might. But…it’s not listed in the titles of the articles listed. Sorry…wish I could help more. But…haven’t been able to watch all their videos this week or read all the articles. Sorry…wish I could have helped more. Lots going on here in R/L. GRRRRRRR

AHHHH. Just found it!!! It’s in the article by Kyle Borgognoni/ Oct 26. Has the pic of Phillip Lindsay. Called PATREON PREMIUM PROJECTIONS AND FLEX RANKINGS FOR WEEK 8.

Clicked on the article and shows that some must have had probs viewing the article. Not sure if it’s fixed or what the prob might have been. Hope that helped my friend. LOL…I tried.

I’m not able to pay for the PREMIUM…so can’t get the full article…but…says that Goff is Mike’s QB START OF THE WEEK, AND BIG BEN IS JASON’S. Sorry…that’s all I can get. Just trying to help a fellow clan buddy!!!

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