Starts of the Week + Week 2 Breakdown, Smooches!

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Week 2 begins tonight and The Fantasy Footballers are back with a new episode to help lead you to victory! After a Thursday Night Football preview on yesterday’s show, get a fantasy preview of a handful of Sunday matchups! Plus, big-time injury news and Starts of the Week! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy…

Main reason why Mono is bad is the enlarged spleen, b/c any hard hits could result in a lot of damage. Not very conducive to playing football.

Jamison Crowder or Danny Amendola??

With the news on Sam Darnold being out it makes me nervous to play Crowder. Amedola looked like he would be a great PPR play in Detroit after last week? My league is full PPR.

I can’t jump on board with “The Incredible Hock”

But I do like T.J. “BallHock”-enson!!!


If he turns out to be truly incredible, I love “the incredible hock-enson”.

Is there a place where I can read summaries of the daily podcasts (or at least see X highlight at Y time to cherry pick information)? I love listening to them, but its rare I can listen for an hour+ a day.