Starts of the Week?

So this loyal footclan listener is in a pickle… I have Antonio Brown and AJ Green as my 1 and 2, but I also have D Adams, Funchess and McCaffrey as plausable flexes.

Who would you flex? Would you even bench AJ to go with Funchess and Adams?

I’d go with Funchess in the Flex

Wow…My answer would have for been play Brown, Green, and Funchess (assuming standard scoring and not PPR). I hope you didn’t play those three…even though that was probably the right play given what we knew before the games started.

I lost like 90 to 160 in this match up - nothing could have been done to save me lol

She had Cam, Hunt, Kamara, Fitz, Still has Julio tonight, Mark Ingram, and Bal D

Luckily she didnt start Crabtree!