Startup 10-Team Dynasty League Full PPR (CLOSED) $20 buy-in

Hey everyone,

Starting a new 10-team dynasty league on ESPN this year. A few details about the league setup:

19 Bench
2 IR
Draft Date: TBD
Buy-in: $20 (feel free to suggest money collection methods!)

Since this is a dynasty league and that means being invested in the league for a long period of time, I think it is worth sharing some details about who’s in the league, etc.

The 8 people committed so far are all first time dynasty players. We are from all over the country (Oregon to Colorado to Ohio to Connecticut. We are all in our 20’s and really enjoy watching college football (mostly Big Ten football) as well.

Feel free to post below with your email and a sentence or two about yourself.

Looking forward to playing!

My name is Daniel, (29) I have been playing fantasy football for 7 years now. I am from Austin Texas and looking for a solid dynasty league.
I am a active fantasy player and a great league mate. Let me know if you still need some players.

Im interested in the league. My names Kyle and am from Atlanta, Ga. Im 30 and have been a very active fantasy player for a while now. I have never done a dynasty league and figured this year I would like to get into one. I am also an avid college football fan with Georgia being my team and like a HEALTHY debate about all sports.

I’m also a first time dynasty leaguer. If you any other spots I’m interested. Please send invite to

If you still have any spots I’d be interested. This my first year trying dynasty. I’m 39 from Mass I’ve been playing fantasy football since 2004.