Startup 12 Team 4th Round Help

I have the 11th spot in a startup 12 team 0.5 ppr. Currently have Mixon, Evans and Woods with 1st three picks. At 4.02, who do I go? Ertz, Jacobs, Michel, Fournette, DJ Moore, Kupp, Guice, Godwin.

Leaning Jacobs because I think there’s some good value at TE later in the draft.

I would go
1a. Ertz (is Kelce and Kittle gone?)
1b. Jacobs
2. Fournette
3. Kupp
4a. Moore
4b. Godwin

I think it’s definitely between ertz and Jacobs. Most of the time I tend to wait on te so I would Jacobs, but in my drafts ertz has gone by the 3rd round every time so getting him in the 4th is a value to me. Its close, but I would go ertz

Both Kittle and Kelce were gone. Ended up going Jacobs. In mocks I’ve been able to get Hockenson pretty late.

Hunter Henry, OJ Howard and Engram are also other TE targets to look at