Startup 12 Team Salary Cap Dynasty League/PPR/Superflex /$150 buy-in Leaguesafe(1 spot opened up)

12 team Dynasty League with a $250 salary cap (not real dollars, just for the game). Auction draft so you’ll have a shot at every player, but you need to manage your money. Whatever dollar amount you win that player for at the auction becomes his salary for 2021.

Super Flex League that starts 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Super Flex (QB,RB,WR,TE), 1 Flex (RB,WR,TE), and 1 Team Defense. 10 bench spots for a total roster of 20 players for each team.

Rookies and veterans will be included in the Start Up Auction, but starting next year we’ll have a 3 round Rookie Only Draft followed by a Veteran Auction. Each player’s salary will increase by $5 each season, so consider that while you’re bidding on players.

This is a full PPR league with TE Premium, which means Tight Ends get 1.5 points per reception.

I’ll get the complete list of league rules out to everyone at the beginning of next week.

The slow draft auction is slated to begin online on Tuesday August 17th at 8:00am, assuming we have enough players to start (we currently have 9 teams).

Let me know if you’re interested in playing with us!



I am interested in joining.

Hey Bruce - We’d love to have you join us.

I’ll get the complete rules for you tomorrow. What’s your email address?


Dave Slagle
Asheville, NC

I’m interested in joining if you still have spots available.

Hey Bryon,

We do have a spot for you and we’d love to have you. Just let me know your email address so I can send you an invite to the league.

I’ll also get the complete rules to you.


Dave Slagle

Thanks Dave! My email is


I’m interested in joining if there is still an opening. My email is

If there’s still a spot left, I’m interested as well.

Hey Stuart,

Thanks for responding - I just sent you an email


Hey Dave, did you see my reply above? I’m interested as well if you have a spot left.

Hey Scanale42 - Thanks so much for responding. I think we’re all full now. If someone doesn’t sign into the new league in the next day or two, I’ll catch up with you again. This is a really fun way to play fantasy football :slight_smile:



Hey Scanale42 - looks like we ended up in a league together after all! I just joined the Mascot Battleground league and I see you’re in there as well. My Sleeper name is PerfectMix. Best of luck this season! - Dave

Hey buddy - We just had someone from the FootClan back out. Are you still interested in another league?

Sure man - let’s do it. There’s never too many leagues right?

I love the way you think! I’ll send that invite over to you now