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Startup 2 Team Keeper League - ESPN - 10 Team - .5 PPR - FREE


Need members for a 10 team ESPN 2 keeper league startup. Half point PPR. Draft is on Wednesday the 6th at 9:00PM ET.

QB - 1
RB - 2
WR - 2
TE - 1
FLEX - 1
D/ST - 1

Drop your email if you’re interested!


Im interested but i work until 8pm pst. Any chance the draft can be pushed back? If not no worries if you need to find someone else.



Sorry man, some of the guys work early that morning central time and won’t be up that late. Thanks though.


All good. Id be avalible any time before 2pm pst but i presume everybodys working. Lmk if anything changes.




Love too join if you guys end up pushing the time a bit later. I’m off 700 Pacific.




We moved the draft to 9PM EST does that still work for you?


Yeah that works for me


Can I get an invite?


I have never done a keeper league, but I am excited to start. I have been playing for 6 years and I love this game and want to expand my experience, plus I have some funny team names every now and again lol.



Invite sent


Glad to have you man. My first keeper too. Invite sent.


If you are still looking for someone, I’ll join. slithgow6@gmail.com


Can you send the email again? I never received it. My email for my ESPN account was a different one and I didn’t realize it but I changed it to the chrisjohnston@asgtechnical.com so I should get it this time


Re sent it to that address


Cool man, sent an invite your way


If you still need people I would join - proctorpete@hotmail.com


I’ll wait until tomorrow morning for you to accept, but I need to fill that spot.


Still need one more, you interested still?