Startup draft (12 Team/PPR).. pick 2.09 im torn

Currently stuck between a few players in my dynasty startup. I took Zeke with my first pick a 1.04… Aj green is the best available im just concerned about his age and how many elite seasons he has left to spend such high startup capital on him. The remaining WRs after him (ADP range) are Cooper, Robinson, Hill, and Hilton. Would you rather take Green or the field/a diffrent reciver?/ do you think Green is a bad pick at this spot? Or would you abandon these WRs and target Devonta Freeman, Penny, Howard, Guice or Mckinnon? I do have my 3rd coming back to me fairly quick. Thanks for the help.

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I really like Guice, but Green is a good pick! His age/injury history do make him somewhat iffy, though. I always prefer to draft young with my early picks.

Green. He’s still elite and will have 2 or 3 more years of solid production

I think there will be plenty of time to shoot for some sexier upside. A.J Green is elite, and if the Bengals even improve to the middle-of-the-pack offense he will be right there in the convo as a top 5 WR for at least another few years. Freeman, Penny, Howard, Guice, McKinnon… there’s no secure roles there compared to A.J Green. Plus at least a couple of those guys are likely to be there in round 3.

I agree with the crowd here, go Green he will be elite for 2 at least. Plus with your 3rd coming back around you can take one of those RB’s or best available tier WR/RB you’re so close to the turn and it’s only round 2 take the elite guy to pair with Zeke and don’t look back

Yup, go Green. I know it’s Dynasty but there is no reason to get cute. He’s an elite talent with plenty of years left in him.

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Green is a great get plus someone will be there from your listed group of other players. Green almost certainly will not.

Of you are not sold on Green, I am in on Hill, McKinnonand Freeman from the others listed.