Startup Draft Grade

Hey Footclan,

I just finished my first dynasty startup draft the other day, and I am dying to discuss my roster. I am pretty dang pleased. I am A Team Has No Name, had 6th pick.

Taking T. Hill in the 3rd is the pick I feel most likely to regret. Maybe I should have taken DJ over Hopkins in the first too. But I am kinda worried about DJ’s health, and think that WR have more longevity at the top of the league, and I see Hopkins dominating games for a long time. Goff was probably a reach too, butmy team has a GoT theme, in addition to the fact that I think Goff has a great season ahead of him with the improved offense to compliment to highest scoring offense of 2017

What do you think about gambling on both Baker and Rosen? Felt like great value getting either of them where i did. And I like my guys to start until the rookies prove themselves.

0.25pp carry
0.1pp completion
+2p for TD 40+ yards
6p TD

i shook my head for a second cause i forgot it was a dynasty. still a bunch of weird choices overall. bell 1.01 in dynasty is crazy to me. so is kamara before barkley. im ok with hopkins over OBJ, but i probably would have gone DJ like you suggested. that would have opened you up to take keenan allen instead of CMC and i like that start so much better than i like hopkins CMC. besides that, you did fine. i think you reached a bit here and there, but because its dynasty you do have to reach for youth at times. im not in love with your RBs after CMC. i think you did a really good job with your WRs, except for the fact that you didnt pick one between the rounds of 6 and 16 except for Christian kirk. i would have prefered to not pick up trey boo boo, and gone with a cooper kupp, or DJ moore there. but i think you have a solid core of players. i just wouldnt call you a contender just yet, not until some of these unproven guys start showing what they have. the guy who picked 2nd is the main contender i think. and its not just because of gurley. his depth is really really solid all around. quick glance, i would say your “power ranking” would be 5th or so.

I am really high on R. Freeman, but I am an Oregon fan and a Broncos fan. I want him to be good so bad, and I knew if I wanted him I had to get him there.

I agree with you that our draft overall was pretty crazy. I expected Kamara to go 5th, me to tak Dj 6th and Bell to go 7th.

I very well might regret not taking DJ, but I think Hopkins has a bright career, especially if his QB play is of good quality. Stay healthy Deshaun (except when your owner playes me, then get a cold or cramps or something).

dont get me wrong, i dont think royce is a bad pick. funny actually, i was just talking about him in another post. i dont think he will be a world breaker, i just think he will be an average every week back. which, is actually super valuable. but we dont know his workload yet, and thats your RB2. thats the only reason im not in love with it. but i would rather you reach there and get him, than to not get him and regret watching him put points up on you lol. sometimes we really do have to play with our hearts. and if you are both an oregon AND broncos fan (boo on you im a chiefs fan) then you gotta make that pick. its a match in heaven.

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