Startup Draft Trade Question

Hey all. Doing a Startup 12 team 0.5 ppr and I am #11 in the draft order. Not really liking who I’m getting in mocks I have done. Considering trying to get the 8th pick for the entire draft. Thoughts? Also, what do I need to add to make it fair value?

So you’re looking at a mixture of Bell/Connar/OBJ/Julio with your 11th pick usually. When I have a late pick I always try to stay “ahead of the pack”. This makes you feel like you’re reaching, but you’ll get the best guy at that tier or position. So if you take let’s say Bell with 1.11 and with your 2.02 you can now choose Kelce. Maybe a little bit of a reach but people can argue that it’s not, but either way you’re sitting with the best TE in a HPPR league. Basically don’t follow the trends cause you’ll get the bottom of the barrel every time and you’ll be disappointed in your draft.

So in the league I’m in (12-team HPPR) I’m sitting at 10th “choice”, but hoping for pick 9 at least. I’ve considered this draft pick trading, but it gets kind of tricky and you’ll need to do a lot of trades to make it worth it. It’s risky because some people will get annoyed with how much you’re trading, but if it works, it’s worth it. With my league I’ve found out it’s easier to trade down than up, and more people will be interested in trades that way. However, It sounds like you’re wanting to trade up.

It’s tough to get a first round pick but if you can trade your 3rd/5th round for a late 1st round, I usually get that offer to go through with someone. You’ll have to make this offer to pretty much everyone in the league to find someone interested. Don’t send it to just one or two guys. Sometimes you can trade your 2nd/4th for a mid-1st round pick as well. If you do both of those you’ll have 3 first round picks but no picks again until round 6. However, you could also trade your 6/7th for like a 4th round pick if you wanted. This is the “kicking the can” draft trade strat. Basically you keep trading up and your wasted picks you “kick” to the end of the draft. Here’s a quick vid explaining that.

Draft Trading

Trading back in drafts doesn’t get isn’t as glamorous, but there’s a bunch of value in it. For me, there’s a drop off in talent after round 6 in a 12-team league, so I wanted to have 8 picks in the first 6 rounds. So last year these are the trades I made:

My 1st for 2nd/4th
My 4th/6th for 2nd
My 7th/9th for 5th
My 8th/10th for 6th
My 11th/12th for 8th

This left me with:
Round 1-0 picks
Round 2-3 picks
Round 3-1 pick
Round 4-1 pick
Round 5-2 picks
Round 6-1 pick
Round 7-0 picks
Round 8-1 pick

I didn’t pick again until round 13 and I just started drafting rookies or breakout potential guys after that. Again, it took 5 trades to make this happen and some of them didn’t happen until the day before or day of the draft.

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However, if you’re just wanting to swap pick positions you’ll have to give up one of your earlier picks to make it worth it for the other member. Just think about what it would take for you to switch if you were in his shoes. That should get the ball rolling, but to me it’s not as effective or worth it.

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Wow - super appreciate the detailed and thoughtful response! I would love to trade a bunch of draft picks and move back, but this is a first year dynasty for a lot of players and I think it will be too much for them.

So, I think my only option is trading positions. He is offering to switch positions for my 2020 2nd and 4th. Thoughts?

I’d just stay where you’re at. It’s not worth moving up 3 spots. If it was inside the top 5 then I’d consider it more, but not for that. You could get a OBJ/Juju combo at pick 11 and that is pretty intimidating.

11th is actually a pretty decent spot to draft from this year IMO. You’ll typically end up getting either get to stack top WRs like Nuk/JJ or Adams/JJ or something or you end up landing a top RB in the 2nd/3rd tier which is totally fine too (i.e. mixon/Conner/Cook)