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Startup Dynasty 12 team Full PPR, IDP


Would anyone out there be interested an IDP dynasty league?


Most definitely, what’s the buy in? which site is it hosted on?


I’m interested. Not wanting a huge buy in price but never done a dynasty league before, really wanting to give it a shot


So my buddy who’s also a footclan member found this thread. I run a dynasty IDP league with a salary cap. It’s my only league, but I’m looking to join another. I’d be more than willing to give setting suggestions or tips on in depth options for control. If I join, you can count on 2 solid players that constantly are up for trading.


i would be interested email me peytin23@gmail.com


I am interested mmaroukian@gmail.com


I am trying to get together with friend who has been in a league like this before, it’s going to an auction IDP 0.5 ppr dynasty. If you are still interested please get me your email and I’ll get the invites out soon


Invite me:



If there is any room i would be interested! Gvmagic_77@yahoo.com


Hey just giving everyone an update, I’ve got the league set up, just finishing up getting scoring figured out. Invites will go out in the next 24 hours. Just so everyone is aware, this is a big commitment league (time and mental) :

  • this is going to be a full ppr idp league now
  • 19 starters (8 offensive with kicker and 11 defensive)
  • 50 roster spots
  • 2 year buy in $212 ($100/year, approximately $6/year for the league website)


was looking for a .5 pt ppr around $50 per year, count me and donald_igwebuike out


Only 3 spots filled if anyone is still interested


I noticed this a little late in the game, but my son and I would be interested depending on settings. Let me know if you are doing anything with this.