Startup Dynasty - 1st/2nd year dynasty players - ****** LEAGUE FULL ******

Hi all I am looking to startup a dynasty league. I want this league to be friendly to people new to dynasty like myself (or with 0-2 years experience). This is my first year doing dynasty and we just drafted a startup league. I think it would be fun to play around with another league.
League would be: 1QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 SF, 1 DEF, 16 BENCH, 4 TAXI.
12-Team, 0.5 or Full Pt. PPR (Can be voted on), $50 buy-in (deposit required for next year, and every year in which you trade a draft pick).

If interested comment with sleeperID, email and years of dynasty experience


so is the ‘deposit’ another $50 for next year, and what do you mean every year you trade a draft pick? I have one year of dynasty from my first (and only) start up in 2020 and interested in adding another league or two.

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He’s meaning if you trade future picks in the draft (I.e. 2022,23,24) that your paying those years upfront prior to or after trade approval

I’d be interested sleeper rg1hunnid

Oh I see thx

I am interested

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1 year experience

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Sleeper — iamlwhaley
First year

still interested? DM me your sleeperID if so

still interested, just made the league last night

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Yeah I’m still interested

Sleeper - nottusryan

hey i’m interested if there are any spots left. first year doing dynasty. sleeper ID is trij575

I’m interested! My sleeper id is koondawg02

Interested if there is still spots available. DuPainPerdu on sleeper. 2 years experience

sent invite in sleeper

Hi! Sounds like a great league, I’m pretty new to dynasty too (only 1 season). Are defenses definitely part of the roster, or is that up for debate? Any idea when the draft (slow draft or regular?) will be started?

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I’m down. Joined my first dynasty team last year. Sleeper is UncleRico but the L is a capital i.

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up for debate, most likely slow draft

sent invite, 4 spots 5 invites out