Startup Dynasty - 1st/2nd year dynasty players - ****** LEAGUE FULL ******

starting another league?

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I will probably make this league tonight, still interested?

most likely tn, still interested?

starting this league tonight, still interested?

starting this league tn, still interested?

Hey I am going to make another league tn, still interested?

still interested? going to make league tonight?

sleeper thunder75089 - no DST though

I’m interested if I can have co-owners? Me and my buddy want to join a league and manage the dynasty together. Is that OK?
Will the deposits be handled by leaguesafe?

sleeper ID: gatch1

we’ve both been playing dynasty for 2years and will start our 3rd year now.

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Will be league safe, and of course co-owners allowed…I will have one myself. I will set up, invite and send DM later today

If still interested, please reply to the following post: Startup Dynasty for Players new to Dynasty - #FootClan Leagues - The Fantasy Footballers - Community Forums

No thanks, I found another one.

KiYay on Sleeper

Hey, thanks for the message. How many years of dynasty experience do you have? @christopher_thomaschase

Hey never played dynasty but a buddy and I are interested in finding a league to play in together. Still spots available?

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Yessir, you sound like the perfect owner. Sleeper ID?

Yeah man I’m down

thone1128 and i will reach out to my buddy for his

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I’m about to send invite/sleeper on the app, shoot me his ID on there

If there’s still spots. Im interested
Sleeper ID: BeerMeWaukee