Startup Dynasty 2 Flex league .5 ppr

Startup league already have a few slots filled:
Looking for a 1-3 year commitment:
No buy in as of right now:
We are looking to add in at least a $20 buy in.
6 playoff teams:
Top 4 seeds will be based off Record: Bottom 2 seeds will be based off of Points Scored:
If you are inteerested please let me know:

Hey, I’d love to join if ya still got a spot.

I’m interested in the league, just shoot me an email at

Do you know the roster breakout or roster size? If there will be a taxi squad?
What’s the scoring system gonna be?
12 or 10 team league?
Are the startup and rookie draft separate or together?
And then what platform are you planning on using?

Send me your email so I can add you

.5 ppr
12 team league

20-25 roster spots

Startup and rookie draft separate

Using sleeper app

I’d love to join as well! Any chance you’ve got a spot left?

Yeah I have a spot, can you send me your email

I’m interested if still a spot available my email is

Im also interested if any spots still available.

Hey i was able to fill that league, im thinking of starting a new league with a similar rules: with a $20 buy in, would you still be interested? I want to make sure i have enough interest before starting a new league

Still interested :slight_smile:

@ash_sugg I still have a few spots available if you want in: buy In is $20

Any spots left?

If so email me

Unfortunately don’t have any spots remaining in this league @Bojitto