Startup Dynasty .5 ppr league

Hello All, I have a startup dynasty league with all new to dynasty players.
Looking for some less experienced or new dynasty people to join.
I’ve joined 2 myself this year and have friends/family who are interested in trying dynasty out, so started the league.
This is a free single qb league with .5ppr.
Some settings that I’m going to poll the league on when it fills:
.5pt first down bonus (may change to .1, .25 or zero)
IDP positions,
Currently no def or kickers.
Shoot me a message if you are interested or have questions and I can connect you with the invite.

I’m interested but moreso without first down points or IDP.


I’m interested in joining. I have never played in a dynasty league because I could never find enough people for it.

I would be interested. What platform and when is the draft?

Never played dynasty either so keen to try it. In Australia but I’ll stay up late for the draft haha

Interested, and id have one / two more who would be interested.
email me

I’d be interested @ruairidevlin3 on sleeper if there is any spots

I am interested if its on Sleeper.

Interested. @bradikal36 on sleeper

I’m interested, email me at or sleeper ID is pumpkin6

Hello All,
going down the list one at a time for everyone contacting me in order of who said interested first. Getting some can’t make draft time or no reply back/join league and moving to next people. Draft is Sept 5th at 7pm central on sleeper, sorry forgot to mention initially.
Giving current people to tonight and sending next batch of invites tomorrow to fill league for whoever comes first so we can be ready for draft (had 3 people back out after deciding they didn’t like dynasty after all…)

I’d be interested if you make it down the list to me. Sleeper is JoWhi

I’m interested. and Tasker4HOF on Sleeper.

Id join if there is a spot, sleeper is coleman31298

Hey I’d be interested with no IDPs and no first down bonuses. @jcmcmullen17 on sleeper.

I’m interested and will be actively participating! Okay with any play format including 1st down and IDP. @kediaj on Sleeper.

Thank you Everyone interested, going through in order of who asked first we are now all set.
Good luck to everyone else, cheers

Im def interested. Never been in a dynasty league before but honestly would only join if it was no IDP

Interested if there is still room.