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Startup dynasty draft advice?


Have done redraft for 6 years. I got it down… But I just joined a dynasty startup and I’m completely lost. Tips or advice? Take qbs early? How early is too early to draft rookies? How many rookies is too many? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Such a great question. In these deeper leagues, QBs will be a little bit more important because the waiver wire is usually empty and good QBs play for a long time. That being said, I wouldn’t personally draft one before round 3. You can still get some good QBs later in the draft, you’ll just want to make sure you get 3 of them if you draft them after say the 7th round.

My main piece of advice is to not OVERVALUE youth. Rookies are always overvalued because people are excited about them in the offseason. But they haven’t done a thing and half of them completely bust. You can get a lot of good veterans in deeper rounds because people go too crazy with age. It’s important to pay attention to, but you don’t draft a poor player over a good player because he’s two years younger (and many people do).


Thanks so much!


QBs go pretty early in Superflex and you’ll want to adjust accordingly. However, in 1QB dynasty leagues the demand isn’t as strong and you can wait a bit. I just recently completed my first two dynasty startups and loved grabbing one of the big 3 RBs and then hammering WRs after that. WR is so deep right now you can get starters like Mike Wallace in the double digit rounds. My advice would be to prioritize stud RBs with guaranteed opportunity, at least in the short term, if you have the ability to grab them and then stack WR depth for the most part after that. It’s a great way to avoid opportunity questions this far away from the season while building a balanced roster that can help you win the championship come playoff time.