Startup dynasty draft Jacobs or Sanders?

Hey guys I’m doing a dynasty startup for the first time and was wondering in the second round who would you pick Josh Jacobs or Miles Sanders?
Also any other tips for a first time dynasty player would be appreciated :grin:
Thanks guys!!

I prefer Miles Sanders. But it’s a toss up. As a tiebreaker who would you rather root for? Eagles/Sanders or Raiders/Jacobs?

As for dynasty advice…

Do not grow overly attached to player you draft or roster. Despite the general adage that when you draft a player in dynasty their yours FOREVER - it’s not really true. In a couple years expect your team, and possible the league, to look completely different. Viewing players dynamically will make trading easier. Trading is a key to building a strong team and winning a dynasty league.

Know your league rules and scoring settings. This may seem obvious and is rhetoric often provided. What is unsaid, is the better you know these the great you can find and take advantage of situations. I say this not with malice but within the spirit of the game. Get creative. For example does you league provide return yardage bonuses? Might be overlooked and provide a tiebreaker to a draft debate. Alternatively, knowing your waivers system dates/budgets will allow you to expertly utilize resources. The person asking questions in the group chat like “how much in the waiver budget again?” is a step behind.

Talk to your league mates through the group chat as often as you can manage/they can accommodate. Individually or through the group. The better your communications paths the more information you can gather. Further I find it easier to make a trade through this communication then a cold call trade offer.

Last thought, don’t play scared. You don’t want to be a team that lands in 6th position every year. Either make a trade to go for the championship or be bold enough to “suck” in order to build yourself a dynasty. (This does not account for your play style, a friends and family league or whether there is large amounts ofmoney on the line.)

Happy to chat further. Good luck!!

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Thanks buddy that was some really good advice, I know I’m the type that would be a little too cautious to make moves but you’re right you have to risk it sometimes to get the chip instead of always finishing in the middle