Startup dynasty draft question - RB edition

My startup dynasty league (14 teams) drafts this Sunday, May 24. We have chosen to do the first 3 rounds as rookies only, then allowing veterans in the 4th round and beyond. So the person in the 14th slot of the rookie draft will become the #1 slot once veterans (and the rest of the rookies) are added in. I am doing mocks to refine my strategy. My last 4 mocks have had a similar thread, I am getting the same 3 RB’s as my top backs; Jonathan Taylor, Josh Jacobs, and Melvin Gordon. For context, in the overall scheme, I have gotten 5 of the Ballers top 50 dynasty players in 3 of these drafts, while in the other one, I got Robert Woods as my #2 receiver, who is just outside of their top 50, probably 51/52. Would you be happy with this trio of RB’s as your best 3 in a 14 team league?