Startup Dynasty Draft

I’m picking 2nd in a startup dynasty draft in a 12 team, .5ppr league. Having trouble deciding on my first three picks based on mocks. I love the idea of taking McCaffery or Kamara 2nd, assuming Barkley goes number one, but in my mock drafts there are no really good WR options when it gets back to me in the the back of the 2nd. Usually having to choose between Cooks, Theilen, or Keenan Allen. I’ve ended up with Kamara/Keenan Allen/Kerryon Johnson a couple times. I’ve also tried taking Deandre Hopkins at number two and then picking between James Connor/Kerryon Johson/Aaron Jones/Josh Jacobs with the 2nd and 3rd pick. I’ve had a couple mocks where I end up with Hopkins, James Connor, and Kerryon. I really can’t decide which option I prefer and just wanted to hear some other opinions.

I’m almost halfway through a slow dynasty start up right now. I picked 3rd and was in the same boat. Ended up going with CMC. There seemed to be pretty good WR depth as I went, and wound up with 4 top 25 guys. That being said, the top WR talent just isn’t there, but I’ve been happy with it so far. I also took Melvin at 2.10 as I couldn’t pass him up that late. We’ll see if that was dumb or not. Here’s where I’m at so far.

Royce Freeman
Justice HIll
Mark Andrews