Startup dynasty early round strategy

Hi everyone doing a startup dynasty. 8 man half ppr and I have four picks in the top two rounds. Should I try to get two rbs and two wrs or three wrs and an rb since wr lifespan is longer. For context I have the 1.02 1.04 2.01 and 2.6. Thanks in advance

Generally I would say it depends who’s on the board for each pick, but what you gave up to get those picks matters a lot too. Also, any special rules in this league (TE premium, Superflex, 3WR, etc…)?

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Really didn’t give up much.a future first rounder a future second rounder and this years 15th. It’s 2 wr 2rb, but three flex half ppr league

I’m typically all about trading down early in a dynasty startup, but that’s pretty damn good value. While the long run is important in dynasty, I think you can definitely make a run for the title this year. I would go for two of the big 4 RBs and then go WR heavy.

In an 8-team league pretty much everyone will have a good looking team at the end. I would take the best players available at 1.02 and 1.04. Then I’d make sure Kelce is one of my picks in the 2nd.