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Startup Dynasty Keeper Question


My longtime keeper league (10tm/standard scoring) has decided to switch to a dynasty league. We can keep one player from last year’s roster at the round we drafted and/or grabbed off of the wire (26th round). I have it narrowed down to two options: Lev Bell and give up a 2nd round pick or Jordan Howard and give up a 26th round pick. Bell seems like the obvious choice, but the value for Howard is tempting. Plus I feel if I keep Bell I would have to take a WR at 4, but if I kept Howard it frees up my choices at pick 4 and pick 17.


Jordan Howard for a 26th round pick? Hell yes take that. I’m not even thst big on howard this year. But he is young, healthy, and is a zone runner in a zone running offense. It’s perfect for him. Bell is by far a better player, but he is injury and trouble prone, and is older. In dynasty thats huge. And to get howard in the 26th round? Hell. Yes.