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Startup Dynasty Leagfue


Hey everyone,

I am starting a Dynasty League through Fleaflicker, it will be 10 team, .5 ppr, with 25 man rosters. The positions are as follows

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 D/ST
No Kicker

There is a $10 buy for a $100 winner takes all pot. Funds will be managed through LeagueSafe.

Drop your emails down below and if you are interested make sure you download the app Mazey, I look forward to working with all of you!


zak.gorbutt@gmail.com i’m interested


I’m down email removed


Joined. How are dues being handled?


I’m interested.



I’m interested, how_aw03@hotmail.com


Sign me up! rfogarty01@gmail.com Also use the Mazey app for another league app is awesome




Im in like Matt Flynn


If you’ve still got room. mgm215@gmail.com


I’m down. Got app installed.



I’m interested. caleb.spacht@gmail.com


I’m interested! Botsu109@gmail.com

Any chance you guys are interested in making it a superflex league? I just started playing in one and it’s a real blast. Adds a lot of value to QBs (which there should be anyway)


Superflex is going to be a hard no for me.


I’m fine with that - still interested =P


If there are still slots available. Mdorsey3213@yahoo.com


Interested if any spots are available


Not quite sure why I was removed from the league ? Did I miss an email or something?


Coltmcclain@icloud.com Thanks for the opportunity.