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Startup dynasty league best platform


Hey footclan! I’m new to dynasty and wondering what the best free platform for running a dynasty league would be, and if you have any tips for me being a new dynasty league commish. Thanks!


I looked into mfl but $80??? Come on now, I could get everyone to pitch on it, but are there any good free compromises?


ESPN works for 90% of dynasty leagues and its free … If you do salary caps I suggest MFL… But if not most everything can be done with ESPN… And anything like draft picks that can’t be done we just keep track in a Google docs spreadsheet…

So just use ESPN… UNLESS your league has crazy complicated rules


I play in a few leagues, i commish on ESPN but i must say i am thoroughly enjoying Sleeperbot for a new dynasty league i just joined, easy to use, multi team trades and the draft board looks great


Sleeperbot, Fleaflikr are both free options as well. Depends how customized you need your league to be. If you have a bunch of custom settings, MFL is worth it. Every1 chip in a few bucks and you’re done. Otherwise you track a bunch of stuff in google docs, if you’re down to put in the time as commish then thats cool as well.


We’re using Fantrax and so far we’re pretty happy with it. It’s very customizable and fairly user friendly. The email draft we did went pretty flawlessly. Customer service is excellent. I will warn you is there are options that will make it cost money but so far its been pretty easy to get around those options. Also the App needs work


We use MyFantasyLeague. It’s worth it!


Yahoo works great for me. The startup draft isn’t the greatest if you are wanting to split rookies and vets or allow draft pick trading. But anything beyond that is cake!


Are any of y’all looking to join a 12 team ppr free dynasty startup? I have 7 spots open