Startup Dynasty League (Filled)

We have 7 just need 5 more to get to 12.

Full Point PPR
1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2Flexspots. No kicker or Defenses.
FAAB, with 6 team playoff.
Will do a veteran draft and then a week or two later do the rookie draft.
Only a $20 buy, will use league safe.

Interested in joining a dynasty league. What platform is this one on? And how many players per roster? Thanks

On sleeper. 18 team roster size, 8 starters and 10 bench players.

When are you guys drafting?

We will do it a few days or a week after we get the league filled. Then the rookie draft a week after that

I am very interested my sleeper ID is joeyiallen. Have you thought at all about expanding the number of bench slots?

How many spots left?

Sounds good, I’m interested

id be down if there still spots my sleeper ID is ATXwolf

Sent Invite

There will be 3 more

What is your sleeper ID?

Sent an invite

My sleeper is is Tcups

Any spots left? Sleeper ID is Zubicus

Sent invite

I sent a invite

@ garvey69 on sleeper if any spots are available

Invite sent

I’m very interested if there are spots lefts my sleeper ID is @samgrossfeld