Startup Dynasty League - Looking for active/commited owners! Filled!

Hey footclan,

We are looking to start a new dynasty league with some guys from anywhere just to meet some new fantasy guys and draft/play with people who don’t know all our strategies. Haha!

First things first, here are some of the rules.

  1. $20 buy in per team and could increase the buy in over the years if the league wants to.
    a. You must pay for a year in advance so first year you will pay $40 and then $20 every year after that.

  2. 12 Team League
    a. Playoffs will be top 6 teams based off records with 1 and 2 seeds getting bye’s

  3. Scoring
    a. .5 PPR
    b. 4 Points Per Pass TD by QB
    c. 1 Point per 10 yards rushing and receiving
    d. Rushing TD and receiving TDs are 6 points
    e. 2-point conversions are 2 Points
    f. Fumble Lost -2, Interceptions -2

  4. Payouts
    a. Top 3 get Pay.
    b. 1st- 170, 2nd-50 3rd-20

  5. Using Sleeper App

That’s everything! Please let me know if you are interested in joining our league, I’ll want to fill the league with verbal commitments before sending out invites. Best of luck to all Fantasy Football owners out there this year!

Had a few additional questions come up, here are some more details.

We will use league safe.
We will do 22 man rosters with a 5 man rookie taxi squad
Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, no K or D
Year 1 will be all together
$100 FAB yearly
Probably do a fast draft. Don’t have a draft date set yet.

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I’m in if you still have spots! Sleeper username is jeremy-singer13

I’m interested! Flip714 on Sleeper

Long time active player here. Would love to find a good dynasty league. @randyg on Sleeper

I’m also interested if there are any spots left! Jhammer88 on Sleeper

Would love to join .@SlipHerTheTagovailoa on sleeper

Got everyone so far, we are up to 9, 3 spots left!


Send an invite: randyg

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Need 2 more commits and then I will out the invites!

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I would love to join how do I connect with the league?
My sleeper is parsonam!

I’ll start sending out invites shortly. Need 1 more but I think we won’t have a problem getting 1.

Will I get an invite on sleeper? Do we have a chat going?


Messaged a link on here

I’m interested if there is still a spot available.

Danielseg8 → sleeper


I am interested if you are drafting on 9/3 or 9/7! :smiley:

I have 1 spot pending, if it falls through, you’re in.

I am interested @potluripatriots on sleeper

I sent you an invite. Are you still wanting to join?

I can’t find it now.

Randy Goff