Startup Dynasty league need active players

I am starting a new dynasty league on sleeper, Full PPR, 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 4 FLEX, 15 BN, 6 taxi. No K, DEF, or IDP. There are 2 separate drafts for the veterans and rookies, and the rookie draft order will be decided by a reverse of the vet draft order. It is a free league, but I am open to make changes. I really only want people who will stay active on waivers and in the chat. Sleeper name: cryingpanda248

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Just what I’m looking for! Hit me up! Baller303

Sleeper tyler74

Sure! Camk234

Is one of the flex’s super flex or just rb/wr/te?

its just a WR-RB-TE flex

Do you still have room? I have three teams looking to join a dynasty.

sure what’s your username

Mine is DC4MVP. I’m going to have to get the other 2 teams later today


Any spots left ?

If you still have any openings, I’m happy to join.

yes, there are 2-3 spots left

Hi, would love to join if there’s still space. Sleeper username is Wildkard99

zCar7er on sleeper if room

unfortunately, there is no room left. sorry

Highly recommend not using reverse vet draft order for your rookie draft. Best solution is to draft kickers for rookie draft spots. Reverse order gives a definite advantage to the people who draft at the end of the first.

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Thanks for that info. I would do that, but the only problem is that we don’t have kickers in our league. Can you still draft kickers if you don’t have them in your league? Or is there any other ways to do it? thanks

You can still draft kickers even if they aren’t used. Here’s a copy of the startup draft I ran last year for reference.

What we did before the draft was each kicker was given a specific pick number in the rookie draft. The reason for that was so people could still set a queue for the timer.

It’s a fairly common thing for dynasty startups that want to have the rookie draft separately.

I’m interested if you have a spot open yet!