Startup Dynasty looking for Owners: .5ppr 2 Flex positions: Already have a few spots Taken:

  • Looking for 1-3 year Commitment ownership to a Team:
  • 20 Active Roster Spots
  • Taxi Squad is set at 7 right now, with 2 IR spots
  • League will be on “Sleeper” App

If you are interested please let me know: Looking to lock spots in sooner rather than later:

I’d be interested. I’ve never played in a keeper or dynasty before, but wanted to for a while now. Idk what taxi squad is though

Is there a buy in?

Regardless I’m interested.

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Hey, interested in joining -

I’m interested, please email me at

I’m interested! Never played dynasty but would be an active owner.

My email:

Absolutely interested

Very interested, if still have spots hit me up

No buy in as of right now: I have discussed it with a few people tho: Once I have a consensus group then we can decide on that

Also new to Dynasty. Looking to join also!

Interested! If you got room left for two people, me and my friend would love to join!

Still have a spot?

Definitely interested. Send invite if there are still openings

Sorry for the delay been trying to secure spots. Had a lot more interest than intially planned looking to keep it at 12 so ill ask a question to help narrow it down some:

What do you think will be the Key in your success in a Dynasty format?

I’m interested as well. Still have a spot open?

Hey I’m really intersted in joining my email is

Hi, are you still looking for members for your dynasty league? In response to your question about what can bring success, being British and having the rest of the league underestimate my lack of knowledge I guess!

whats your e-mail so i can send you the invite?

whats your email so i can send you the invite?

whats your email so i can send u the invite?