Startup Dynasty Newbies *Filled*

Hey Footclan!

I’ve been trying to find a dynasty league I want to join but I have decided to just try and Commish my own league. I am an active and veteran fantasy player, however, I am new to dynasty football. Therefore I am looking for other players who are new to dynasty and want to give it a try. Since we are new, it will most likely be free or a small buy in, but all members should still be very active. Any members who join and do not actively participate (ie not set lineups) will not be tolerated. We are just a bunch of people who really want a fun and exciting new league! The rosters will be:

10 team
1 qb
2 rb
2 wr
1 te
2 flex
no kicker or defense
15 person bench
5 person taxi squad
3 round rookie draft
Run on Sleeper, where most of our communications will occur

These rosters can also be subject to change based on league voting, this is just a starting point. I think I want to try and draft the teams before the NFL draft, and then do another rookie draft after that. If you are interested please let me know and send your email here! Note that we are from the east coast of the US so keep that in mind if your time zones are too different.

The league is filled, sorry! I will post on here if anything falls through

I’ve got myself and another mate really keen for a start up. Love the no kicker or defense, argh hate them.

are you thinking of using sleeper?

Yes I am using sleeper, should have put that in the post thank you! Just send me your emails if you are interested!

ok cool
sent you a DM

I’m interested if there’s still an open spot.

CdnLiotta is my sleeper handle