Startup Dynasty pick trade?

What are you thought on trading my rookie 4th pick for the 9th in the startup draft. I would have the 9 and 12th in the startup draft and no 1st in the rookie draft.

It is a 16 teamer so the teams will be weak.

Need quick turn. Vet draft starts in 2.5 hours.


If someone is offering you a first round startup pick for a first round rookie pick you would be insane not to take it. Unless I am misunderstanding. Normally first round rookies go for farrrrr less.

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1.09 startup vs 1.04 Rookie, if this is the case take the start up and run!! The 1.09 in a start up could net you 2-3 1st rookie picks down the road!

Also, any room left in this league? Lol

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I hope you made the trade. move the 1.04 rookie and definitely win with the 1.09 start up.

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