Startup dynasty question

So I have a startup dynasty draft coming up and I have the third pick. Personally, I am more of a fan of drafting towards the back of the draft if I don’t get top pick.
I jokingly floated out that I’d trade my whole draft slot to the 9th slot and the guy with that pick went with it. If my league allows it, would I be crazy for wanting to trade back like that? I’d obviously make him include some 2021 picks but I just want some other opinions

How many people are in this league? And is it a snake draft?

10 people and yes snake draft, which is why trading back seems appealing to get 2 picks in 4 turns

Bump please help fam

If you’re more comfortable drafting towards the back of the round, I don’t have a problem with it. I’d just get some extras thrown in to capitalize on the situation.

Yeah I’d say to me it kinda depends on what you get. 2 picks in 4 turns is appealing but with the 3rd pick you’d have 2 picks in 6 turns after the turn. To me dropping back 6 spots for that margin wouldn’t really be worth it but if you can get something in return sure.

I’d definitely also do a few mocks to see what your team looks like at 3rd and at 9th to see if it makes a huge difference. Maybe not the entire draft but at least the first 4-5 rounds to see your biggies.