Startup Dynasty recruiting now!

Hi, looking for owners for start-up dynasty on Sleeper!
Number of Teams: 12, Type: 1/2 PPR

Roster: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 K, 1 DEF, 14 BN, 2 IR

Playoffs: 6 teams, starts week 14

Waiver Type: Rolling Waivers

Clear Waivers: Tuesday - Waivers will clear end of Tuesday

Waiver Time: 1 Day - Players stay on the waivers for 1 day

Trade Deadline: Week 10 - Trades are not allowed after week 10

Draft Pick Trading Allowed: Yes

VETS and ROOKIE drafts both snake with VETS randomized then rookie reverse order. Vets draft will start once league is full and will be 8 hours per pick with CPU autopick when out of time.
Rookie Draft to follow

I’m looking for players that will be active in trades and message board chat. It’s not fun if no one brags about winning.


LaneKelly My Buddy and I are looking to join a dynasty startup. ill send you a message as well. Both active and looking to branch out of redraft leagues into dynasty leagues.

Interested in joining, have sent you a private message with my details.

I also sent you a message! Is this a free league or cash?

I’m interested! Been ready to get jnto dynasty for a few years now

Booyah! :poultry_leg:

I would like to join as well. I’ll dm you my email.

Sent you my email. Would like to join.

Sorry guys I have sent my last invite.