Startup Dynasty Sleeper 14 Team - SF, Tiered PPR, IDP League (1 Spot Remaining)

Starting a new startup dynasty league on the Sleeper app! Superflex. Tiered PPR. IDP (The Real Deal)

Leaguesafe - 20$ Entry - 2 years due up front, half will be paid out after our first winner and the other half rolled over. Draft will start once everyone has paid up

1st - 195 2nd - 65 3rd - 20

Slow Draft - 8 hours per pick - Derby style draft. Order will be randomized 1 time. Kickers added for startup draft only. Kickers will be used as placeholders to draft 2020 rookie picks

$100 FAAB

Toilet Bowl Winner (Last Place Team) - must gift the league winner a sleeper mascot of his/her choosing

Let me know if you are interested! Send me your email for an invite.


I’m interested. Let me know if slots are open