Startup empire 2018

Have 4 people committed to starting a 10-12 team brand new empire dynasty league. Will be PPR,
3 flex (te,rb,wr)
no kicker, no defense
trying to do between 50-100 buy in for the league, first 6-8 people that respond are in…looking for committed owners only seeing how this will hopefully be a long term league.


Hey. I’m interested at wsmallwood1300@gmail. Are there any bylaws or additonal rules such as taxi squads, roster size or scoring format?

Drafting rules going to start group me I’ll add you so we can all discuss it together

Download groupme

Hey I’m interested

I’m interested.

I’m interested if there is still room!

I’m interested

Are you a good texter will u be active in groupme open to trading and all that ?

Are you a good texter will u be active in groupme and open to trading and all that?

Are you a good texter will u be active in groupme be a committed owner be open to trades etc?

Is this league filled up?

Just making sure I’m in.

Very much in if you have a spot. Communication is most important aspect to dynasty for me. Already have/use groupme

Yes! Trading and being active is what makes it fun!
That’s the whole point!
Let’s do this!

I am very active and interested in joining.
Let me know if there is a spot for me.

Is this league full? Haven’t heard anything

I’d be interested.

interested only if MFL is used… roster size, using a taxi squad?

I am interested, I am down for $100 buy-in.