Startup Empire- SF, TE Prem. High Stakes league- 3 spots left!


** Thank you so much for your interest! We will be running another startup after the NFL Draft- and will be considering all applicants for that league that continue to come through. Anyone that has sent a PM since over the weekend I have added you to the Waitlist as well. Thank you again for your interest! **

Hey guys!
I am rolling out another Startup for our successful Dynasty leagues! This one will be a VERY Deep (30 active roster, 6 Taxi squad, 4 IR slot league.)

12 Team
Tiered PPR
TE Premium
WR Bonus
Dynasty Empire Pot ( for back to back champs getting cumulative jackpot)
$800 Payout to 1st
All funds are managed through league Safe
League is on Sleeper

Looking for a few active, knowledgable, and obsessed owners to hold some spots in the league. Activity and responses are important in our leagues as we want to have the most fun leagues out there. I Commish and run other dynasty leagues as well in the industry and they have been extremely successful. We have on average over 50 trades prior and during the drafts and continue active all year round through our chat and trades happening at least 1-2 times per week even in the offseason. League owners are selected carefully to ensure healthy long leagues.

This is for more serious players and a higher buy-in of $150. If interested email me a summary of your experience and interest via PM I love our leagues we run and hope you join us and you will too! Talk soon!

I would like to issue a warning to other FOOTCLAN members about this league. I was in this league and was planning to leave(before I was removed) due to shady actions by this commissioner, as did others in the league. I do not have any solid proof that what he’s doing is a scam, or that he’s cheating, but there were enough red flags to make me and other former members sick to our stomachs and feel our money wasn’t safe. Luckily the payment deadline on leaguesafe had not passed so we were all able to get refunds and absolve ourselves from this mess.

We had a full league and to my knowledge half of the league left after drama regarding a trade involving the commissioner and someone who “didn’t understand the values of dynasty trades” despite the commissioner himself vetting every member to ensure that they are experienced playing dynasty(more on the trade details below). Other red flags included:

  • Commissioner changed rules without discussing anything with league members.
  • Having no proof of validity of draft order process selection, then won 1st place in it. His “friends” in the league also won in the top 5 ranks of this apparently random selection.
  • Refusing to allow league members to discuss validity of trades in group chat, citing players feelings would get hurt, despite us all being mature adults in the league.
  • Lying about working for and The league doc states LM writes articles for both sites, but you will fail to find any articles by anyone resembling that name, and if you ask him about it you are met with silence.
  • Providing no reasonable explanation for validity/fairness of pre-draft trade involving himself and previously mentioned party. This trade was as follows. Commisioner trades his 2.10, 3.08, 7.08 for 1.11, 3.10, 5.12 and an 2020 3rd rookie pick (so basically the “sucker” in the trade is moving down entire first round, from 5th to 7th and throwing in a pick to move from the 3.10 to the 3.08?)
  • Commissioner became very defensive and deflected any sort of public concern towards any decisions made and requested that anything be dealt via PM.
  • Commissioner goes back and deletes his own comments and others comments he deems would be ‘harmful to the league’ when really he seems to just want himself not look bad post-drama when half the league decided to bail due to all this nonsense.

I was removed from the league after questioning the validity of the trade and calling the commissioner out on not following his own by-laws. Others in the league found this to be ridiculous, others were apathetic. I’m just providing you with the facts so you can make your own informed decision about joining/abstaining from this league. Please stay safe out there and stay vigilant for scams/shady dealings like this one. I highly recommend you just find another league. There are tons out there. There is no reason to take the chance on a league being a potential scam. If you don’t want to believe me, join for yourself and see how he runs the show.

Here are some screenshots from a group chat the commisioner invited me and one of the other owners who voiced concerns publicly. The other guy in the chat obviously got a bit emotional with his responses, but you can see how little “Chris” cares about his league members. (huge googledoc as I just copy pasted the entire league chat from the very beginning, before I was removed from the league)

I’m probably leaving stuff out, but I hope this helps someone.

and now he’s removed the link to the bylaws so you can’t click it to see his lies. :slight_smile: