Startup IDP advice

Hey Footclan,

I am thinking of starting a IDP dyansty league and was looking for advice on roster and scoring set up for the league.

I have done a lot of dynasty startups but all have been non IDP. I would want the offense positions to be
1qb, 2 rb, 3wr 1te 1 rb,wr,te flex. and was thinking of 20 man roster. The main question is what positions are best to include in an IDP league and how many additional bench spots would you add?

Also for the rookie draft I usually go 4 rounds , would you add an extra 2 rounds to allow for the defense players?

Any help and suggestions would be welcome.



Honestly my advice for this is twofold.

1 - I have done an IDP based league before, I also won said league once and I have to admit it was tiring. I love Football I really do but the amount of injuries you are going to encounter is massive. In addition when I played IDP Revis was in his prime, but you couldn’t use Revis because he never got pts cause the pp he covered never got the ball. My point here is you have to not just know football you have to know football to understand which Players are worth Rostering. In my Dynasty we have 12 teams just offensive players and we have a 20 team roster, if your adding defenders your looking at probably 30/35 players minimum with around 6 IR spots if not more because again the amount of injuries your going to have will be high.

So with this point don’t get me wrong you can go for it but you really need owners who are committed far beyond the minimal updating rosters, love football and frankly are experienced as I wouldn’t start a new league with IDP.

Now with that disclaimer there, I will admit IDP can be fun (it was just over the years was a lot to manage) and if you are planning to go forward I would recommend considering something like

2 Linemen, 2 Linebackers and 2 DB’s. Obviously Linemen and backers are simple enough, maybe 1 pt per tackle and 2 for a Sack (which also counts as a tackle which would mean a sack would end up as 3 pts). DB’s don’t get as many tackles but INT are there and you can give 2 pts for a INT, probably 2 for a fumble recovery and you could do 1 for a forced fumble.

The scoring system really just try and level it off from what your Offense does so that a solid game from a D-men is the same pts as a solid outing from a Offensive player.

But yeah from what I recall a 2-2-2 is what we had when I played IDP, As for the draft what we do is we go as many rounds so long as someone wants to keep picking. So what happens is usually by round 4 at the latest most pp are done but if there is someone who wants to make moves into round 8 so be it, it rarely happens but this way you free everyone up to do what they so choose.

There is a lot there and it probably isn’t as clear as if I said do X and Y so my apologies but good luck a Dynasty IDP is pretty intense.

Thanks for your input. I may try an idp redraft first and see what kind of
interest I can get and move from there. I know it is going to be a lot of
work and maybe a redraft is the way to go for now.

Yeah I mean don’t be afraid to jump in but it is a lot of commitment! I think a redraft to start isnt a bad idea

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