Startup Jackpot Dynasty $50 - Sleeper + Leaguesafe - 12 Team Full PPR

Starting a fresh new Jackpot Dynasty Startup.
There was so much interest in my last league, I decided to start another.
Looking for active long-term players.

I will then send you links to sleeper, and also League Safe (for payments).

How does Jackpot work?
Half of the pot each year gets held as a jackpot.
The first person to win back-to-back championships, will be awarded the jackpot.
The more years that go on by without a a back-back winner, the bigger the jackpot becomes.
(Note: this is not an empire. Teams do not reset)


  • Platform being used is Sleeper
  • 12 Team Dynasty
  • 24 Man Roster + 4 Taxi Squad + 2 IR spots
  • 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 3FLEX (W/R/T)
  • PPR
  • Slow Draft - Combined vet and rookie
  • FAAB Waivers
  • Trading Picks is Allowed

We will be using league safe to securely hold the money.
Buy in will be $50.
Must pay for 2 years upfront to help ensure the league sticks.


Champ: $175
Runner up: $75
3rd Place: $50
Jackpot: $300

(For a fun example: If it took 5 years to have our first Jackpot (back-to-back) winner. That person would walk away with $1675 ($175 + $1500). Plus they would have won $175 the year before.)

Being the champ and loving your dynasty team is the goal.
The money is a nice bonus.
But the jackpot can get insane.

We would highly encourage active chat in the sleeper app.
As the commissioner, I will always be available to answer questions.
Iā€™m looking to give weekly reports and maybe even video reports too.

To lock up a spot, you must pay your 2 years of dues ($50 x2 = $100).
Money will be paid and held in League Safe.
The spot is only yours once payment has been made.

The draft will happen once we fill up all 12 spots.
We will choose a date together that works for everyone.
A rookie round will happen later in the year also.

Please feel free ask any and all questions you may have.

Thanks in advance.

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