Startup Keeper League Settings Advice

I am starting a new keeper league this year. I am looking for advice on the best settings for the league. Example: how many players to keep; what it costs to keep a player; how long can you keep a player; after what round can you keep the player. I have read articles that have settings all across the board. Hoping to get some advice from the foot clan! Thanks in advanced!

The best would be what makes your league happiest.

If you all value trades / large bench spots, then having more/minimum number of keepers might fit the play style of the league. If you value active free agency, less keepers may be ideal.

Settings we are likely to use:

  • Keepers allowed 0-3
  • 1st and 2nd round picks are not eligible (2 round penalty)
  • Keeper penalty cost: 2 round penalty cost per year for drafted player (even if traded, draft cost will continue)
  • Keeper penalty cost: 6 round penalty cost for undrafted/FA player (aka 9/10th round cost)