Startup pick trades

I’m trying to trade FOR a 2.08 startup pick. I’m hoping to offer a 4.07 and some combination of rookie picks. My rookie picks left are…

I’d obviously rather keep my 1.03 this year, but I’m willing to really trade any combo to get this done. What do you guys think I could offer?

Also, I just traded my 7.08 vet and 2020 1st for a the 5.02 vet. Thoughts?

To get that 2.08, you will definitely have to give up your 1.03. In a start up, TBH idk If id take the 1.03 and 2.08 Rookie and the 4.07 start up for the 2.08 start up. But I think it would have to be at least that. In start up 2.08, you are getting very very nice player who you will know what you are getting. Probably a young guy who will be with you for years. Those rookie, picks, I am not sure if they will pan out yet.

But I love your movie for the 5.02

Thanks man, yeah I’m realizing I was lowballing for the 2.08… feeling a bit embarrassed😅 what would you need to trade a mid 3rd for the 4.07?

No worries! It takes time to learn to value picks. I’m in my 3rd year of dynasty. And I’m still learning!

But to get a mid third. Maybe a 4.07 and your first rounder and next years 2nd? Or next years 1st depending on who is there? The later you get the looser the formulas become.

Also remember that picks this year are worth more than next years. So maybe you offer the 4.07 and swap your 6th with his 7th?

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I’m actually in the middle of my first dynasty draft. Im about to have Adams, Evans, and fournette as my top 3 picks… thoughts?

I’m also probably looking at Landry, Moore, or Ridley. Thoughts on this?

Adams and Evans is KILLER for dynasty. You’ll have those guys for years. I’m personally not a big fan of Fournette. If you could get kittle you are looking great! RBs are easier to replace and find then any other position

Yeah I know fournette is a gamble, but he’s the only left I saw having immediate top 5 upside…

My team as of now:
DJ Moore
Calvin Ridley

I’m up in 2 picks. Where do you think I should look next? I’ll be honest, Godwin is still there and if he’s there for my pick it’d be tough not to pull the trigger