Startup Sf dynasty 12 teams: $50 buy in:

Hello All!!!
I am looking to startup a dynasty league. I want this league to be for people new to dynasty like myself (or with 0-2 years experience). This is my Second year doing dynasty and i think it would be fun to introduce some newbies to dynasty.
League would be: 1QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 SF, 15 BENCH, 5 TAXI.
12-Team, 0.5 ppr:
$50 buy-in (Must deposit every year in which you trade a draft pick).
Funding will be Handled on Leaguesafe:

If interested comment with email, years of dynasty and sleeperID:

Are you still looking for an owner?
I’m interested (SleeperID = TwonDiesel, Email =
Never did Dynasty before so newb there though I have a few years (3) of redraft experience.

I’d be interested in joining. I’m an active fantasy player, but have 0 years experience in dynasty. Always wanted to get involved in one. My email is and my sleeper id: DK5184

Sleeper I’d thunder75089 - 1 yr of experience in dynasty

Hey I’m interested! I’m an active fantasy player and I just tried out dynasty for the first time this past year, but I’ve been playing redraft for 4-5 years. Email is and my Sleeper ID is PaulyD27. Let me know!

Newbie to dynasty here. I have experience with redraft for about 2-3 years but stopped for awhile after my devotion to fantasy football caused a divorce, her loss lol. My sleeper id is MFkowboy and email is (

Sleeper: RunJordyRun87
0 years. Lots of redraft but dynasty seems like a lot of fun.

Really love to be in an active league, love these rules too. Hopefully you still have space

Hey I am definitely interested. I have 0 years dynasty experience but I have always been looking to do one. Sleeper ID is zombierobb44

O years of experience.
Sleeper ID: ctr208

Do you still have any availablity?

2 Years experience
Sleeper ID: quinnclifford43

coupons agent best site it is

I’m interested. Never played Dynasty but looking to get into one that is active. Sleeper ID is Hotdog29 if you still have a spot open!

Interested, if you have a spot.
I never played dynasty, but have a few years of redraft experience
SleeperID: UkrainianFOB

I would love to join a dynasty league!! Shoot me an email if you need a 12th.

0 dynasty experience, but interested.
BTass21 - sleeper

I am very interested 0 years of Dynasty experience but 15 years of redraft experience.

Sleeper ID: djjacob1993

Interested if still looking